Wandt Modular Shelves

Wandt Modular Shelves

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Functional, simple and modular shelving system. Design your own.

Wandt Modular Shelves are an incredibly versatile open storage solution for living rooms, kitchens, bathrooms and offices. Just imagine the Wandt Modular Shelves in your living room, where it blends your TV with your books and bits of decoration. Or use it in the kitchen to store your herbs, plates and anything else you'd like to show off.  

At Studio Westerwoudt we like to encourage individual expression and personal creative style. With the Wandt Modular Shelves you can go as big or small as you like. The possibilities are endless. The design is up to you! 

The black steel supports are connected to the wall and support the wooden shelving panels that stay in place with subtle grooves on the bottom. 

Thanks to the solid wooden panels and powder coated steel support, the Wandt Modular Shelves can last you a lifetime. Its timeless and long lasting design will help you express your own style, now and in the future. The Wandt Modular Shelves, which as a single consists of two planks, can be bought up to a set of five. The design enables a multitude of seamless combinations. While we provide the shelves, you personalise the design when you attach it to the wall.

The Wandt Modular Shelves are easy to mount and come with a step by step manual and clear instructions.

Dimensions of one set: 110(with)x30(depth)x39(height) cm

If you are interested in purchasing more than five sets, please do not hesitate to contact us.


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Modular shelve made of steel and oak