Woodt - A Fire Basket by Woesternij

Woodt - A Fire Basket by Woesternij


A fireplace inspired by nature

Woodt is a fire basket inspired by the annual rings of a tree. Nature and technology blend perfectly in this design. The design is inspired by the natural forms of nature and executed with high-tech manufacturing techniques as it is lasercut out of 3mm sheets of Cortensteel. All of this is designed for you to take it outside as a natural heat source to gather around with friends and family.

Cortensteel is a special steel that develops a protective layer of rust. In contrast to normal steel, it doesn’t need any paint or maintenance. Cortensteel is made to last!

With is natural forms and exposed rusty look Woodt perfectly blends into all surroundings and gives it that extra natural feel. Because of its natural and timeless design and ability to last you a life time, you can enjoy this fire place now and in the future.

Use it in your garden, or take it to your favorite outdoor place.

Enjoy the outdoors!

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Woodt is a fireplace inspired by nature.
Made in Holland by Woesternij



- Woesternij is a brand by Studio Westerwoudt -